My philosophy

My approach to painting

cecile_loubiere“Colors of life” summarizes my non-figurative visual creation.

Painting is the music of the soul, a music full of colors, which take on life. Sometimes they oppose each other or become complementary; they counter-react, or respond to each other.
My ultimate aim is the search and achievement of harmony.

Painting is a journey into the conscious and unconscious world of imagination and can express, depending on my mood: joy, turmoil, fight, peace, fancy, lyricism, anger, poetic mood, lightness, flight or rootedness.

I try to allow the spectator to dream, to make the eye dream, to let unfinished places, to suggest with a simple curve or a straight line, to leave empty spaces where the eyes can penetrate without restraint .

Painting is an adventure in which I let my imagination express itself without any restriction or constraint and totally freely on the canvas, thereby creating a universe in which I first get lost, then suddenly find a way or a direction before getting lost again, to the point where I may decide to destroy everything or some part of it for a new creation. When things begin to make sense and become clear to me, I start to paint with a definite vision of what I want to create.

It’s by working and reworking that I finally find what I am really looking for.
Painting is the mirror of my personal energy and of my inner perception of life.

Lives and works in Paris


Beaux-Arts Montparnasse
Atelier S. Guezennec


Oil on canvas